Our Story

CUBi is a startup founded by people who are passionate about efficiency and guided by the desire to create a positive social legacy in Brazil. It was precisely because of this shared vision that its founders had the opportunity to work together during the development of their Masters at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), New York, USA and formed the CUBi team.

It was through this opportunity - still in the United States - to study the frontier of knowledge in management techniques and energy efficiency within the US reality that the perception of the problem about the mismanagement of electrical energy began.

The vision and the studies of the team gave them the responsibility for the management and energy audit of a university building and it was there that they had the first sign that, in solving the problem of energy management, they were also leveraging a business opportunity. In only 12 months and without capital investment, they designed a project to save the equivalent of US $ 1 million in electricity or 11% of total annual consumption.

After two years and a lot of work in New York, the four boys returned home with the purpose of validating if the same problem was happening in Brazil. In early 2017, with the problem validated and routes to reach the market planned, the team began its strategy to launch itself into the market. We have developed our own measurement hardware and a web platform for analyzing and presenting energy consumption data in an intelligible way for all, and not only for experts of the subject.

The great challenge at CUBi is to leverage the energy efficiency market in Brazil through a simple and intuitive system that gives managers the vision necessary for good decision making. Through a fair and accessible pricing, we want to show that continuous monitoring is fundamental for the management of electric energy.

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Urban and Environmental Engineer and MS is Sustainable Systems at RIT with an extension at NY Executive Clean Energy Leadership Program from Skidmore College. Have worked at the Sustainability Development field for 3 years at BRASKEM.

Ricardo Dias CUBi


Rafael Turella cubi


Environmental Engineer and MS in Sustainable Systems at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Was an intern at GE Brazil working in process improvement and has experience at the development of sustainable corporate strategy at Ernst&Young. At the US worked with energy auditing and project management.

Mechatronics Engineer and MS in Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems Integration at RIT. Was an intern at Diebold Inc. Did research for EMBRAER, part of it at GIFT (Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology) in South Korea. At the US was co-founder of a startup (UNA Smart), accelerated by RIT.

Bruno Scarpin CUBi


Tiago Justino CUBi


BS in Computer Science and MS in Human Computer Interaction at RIT. Has 10 years of experience as a software engineer, did research for the CLOUDS lab at the University of Melbourne, Australia and worked as an intern at Hewlett Packard (Silicon Valley) ensuring accessibility of an open source UX framework.