What we do

Smart Meters installation

Our smart meters are responsible for collecting and sending information.

Smart Processing

All the data being collected by the smart meters is sent via Wi-Fi and then received at our servers to be processed through our intelligency systems.

Our Platform

All the processed information can be visualized at our web platform in a quick and intuitive way. No waste of time.


eficiĂȘncia energĂ©tica tela


Reduce GHG Emissions

We indicate your CO2eq emissions relative to energy comsuption. In case of implementing energy efficiency projects, it is possible to measure the relative avoided CO2.

Customized Alerts

You can set our system to identify anomalies inside the production system, resulting in a safer and faster response in case of problems.

Apportionment of Costs

Through singular monitoring of machinery, systems and/or productions lines, it is possible to prorate costs between different sectors or companies that coexist on the site.


Energy Management

Learn where, how much and when your energy is being used. Unlock up to 30% savings potential.


Base your decisions on real world information. Energy consumption data improve the decision-making process for energy efficiency projects.

Process Control

Get the possibility of actually knowing details of your productive system. Which equipament or system uses more energy inside your processes?

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Our Achievements

Eletricity Savings (kWh)
Signed Partnerships
Monitored Sensors
CO2 Emissions Avoided (ton)


Our Partners and Achievements

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How do you charge?

We charge the use of the system in a monthly basis during out 12 months minimum contract.

What is the minimum contract?

In order for us to offer accesible prices to our customers, the minimum lenght of a contract is 12 months. In the event of a renewal, the following year price is recalculed and we can guarantee that is always lower than the previous.

Does the CUBi system apply to what size of consumer?

Our system can be used by any company that is looking to improve their energy management. Our low cost solution enables the possibility of working with a wide range of company sizes.

Does CUBi uses my data?

We do not use or disclose any data that is specific to a customer. The specific use of data, is only possible through express authorization from the company. Yet, we do use aggregated data (without any information of source). We do that to build optimization reports and energy efficiency opportunities indexes to all our customers. More information can be found at our Terms and Conditions.

Do I own the hardware?

No. We do not sell any hardware at CUBi, we only use them as a means to collect data in a easy, cheap and fast way. If you are interested in buying a energy smart meter, there are a lot of companies that offer them on the market. We are also Open Source, therefore if you want the full documentation and schematics, just let us know! =)

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What is the CUBi KiP web platform?

CUBi KiP is a electric energy management platform. By using it, you can answer 3 main questions: Who, when and how the energy is being spent. It is possible to select the desired period of time for analysis and also the system, equipament or group of equipaments to be assessed. The platform is constantly being improved through User Experience feedback.

What are the requirements in order to have the system?

There are 3 main requirements:

Access to a Wi-fi network on the site

Network voltage up to 440V

Wire gauge up to 27mm (1.06 in), for larger systems, please get in touch

Can I integrate you web platform with my existing systems?

Not at this time. We have been working to offer full support to different hardware intallations through our platform. More information soon.

Can I have more than one user?

Absolutely. A customer can have up to 5 main users that can be configured with personalized access levels.

Which protection and security layers for data does CUBi uses?

We are fully aware that energy consumption data is extremely sensitive and strategic for your company. One of our priorities is to keep safe the data that we collect. Every communication between hardware, server and platform is encripted. Our team is constantly developing new tools to improve data security.

Who is responsible for the installation?

Our customers are responsible for installing the hardware systems. We provide material and full support in order for the process to happen in the smoothest way possible. If you still do not want to spend you employees time and rather someone performing the job, we can indicate a certified company to help.